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Lewis County Welcomes Everyone

Lewis County Welcomes Everyone originally began as a founding board member's personal grief manifestation in early 2020 when attempting to give a voice and visibility to rural queer residents who may have felt underrepresented. Through the miracle of a hopeful letter the opportunity arose for that board member to purchase a parcel of land next to the Hamilton Sign, a controversial and often abrasive privately owned political sign next to Interstate 5 near Napavine, WA. This sign has given passersby a one sided perception of western Lewis County for 6 decades now and made many residents feel unwelcome. This pursuit of radical queer visibility led to the formation of a group under the moniker "Lewis County Lollipop Guild" which was later disbanded as a single member LLC when Lewis County Dignity Guild was formed to continue the work that group had started.

You may see hundreds of Lewis County Welcomes Everyone yard signs and stickers scattered at businesses and homes all across the county. We are honored to continue the tradition of freely distributing them at public events and we continue to ship free stickers as well. You can grab a free sign at any local event or request stickers by mail here.


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