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Kyle grew up back and forth between a small rural town in southern california and the outskirts of Portland, OR. He has also lived in Texas, where he moved as an adult to chase his now husband Matt. Kyle has been a Lewis County resident since 2016. 

After the unexpected death of his best friend Kali in 2019, Kyle was drawn to fully embrace queer visibility and activism work in pursuit of fulfilling a promise he had made to her. That pursuit led to the formation of a small group originally known as the Lewis County Lollipop Guild - a precursor to the Lewis County Dignity Guild of today. Kyle channeled his grief into placemaking efforts so queer kids like himself will not grow up and feel they need to leave their hometown and best friends behind in order to find a joyful queer life in rural America. 

Kyle lives outside Toledo with his husband Matt and a pack of rowdy canine companions. In his spare time he enjoys reading, volunteer work, community building, gardening, and home improvement projects.

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