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Theodore grew up in Lewis County from the time he was three years old, throughout most of his childhood and teenage years; when his family wasn't relocating due to his father (uncle) being in the military. Adopted early on in life by his aunt and uncle after a tumultuous upbringing that lead to the loss of his younger brother, Theodore spent much of his childhood pursuing interests in history and anthropology, seeking to better understand people in all walks of life.

After moving away to join the military and travel, he returned to Chehalis with his newly wed wife in 2016 to make a life in the county he called home growing up. He quickly saw problematic areas in need of change for the betterment of his daughter, other POCs, the LGBTQ community and the homeless in the area. The inspired him to reached out to local progressive groups (such as Multiculturally Minded and the Lolipop Guild on facebook.) When the opportunity to serve as a board member for the Dignity Guild came up, he jumped at the chance to help make a better life for those in need around him, in all walks of life; from all backgrounds.

Outside of the board, Theodore works as a Lab Technician for Aegis Sciences Corporation at CORE HEALTH in Centralia and lives in Chehalis with his wife Stephanie, his daughter Layla and his boxer/pit puppy, Kona.

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